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Golden Ando Cloisonnee Decorative Plate with White Ume Flowers

Golden Ando Cloisonnee Decorative Plate with White Ume Flowers

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These beautiful ornament plates displays the traditional Japanese Ume trees in flower but also Iris flowers on a golden background. These are beautiful decorative elements that any Japan lover would like. Also, the Owari Cloisonne technique is completely hand made and the producing company Ando Cloisonne is famous for its traditional, great quality products.
 Ando Cloisonne  

Ando Cloisonne was established 1880 in Nagoya and nowadays is among the most prestigious producers of traditional cloisonne in Japan. Ando Cloisonne received many awards for its outstanding works and in 1900 Ando Cloisonne was appointed official supplier to the imperial family.

Ando Cloisonne carries on the traditional craft of Owari Cloisonne that is typical for the city of Nagoya. Ando produces cloisonne by applying silver wires onto metal and then baking a layer of glass glaze. All processes of this so called Wire Cloisonne require highly skilled craftsmen and are completed by hand.


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These ornament plates have three different patterns: the White Ume flowers, the Red Ume flowers and Iris flowers. The colors really stand out on the golden background and along with the details it makes the drawings very realistic. The importance of nature in Japanese arts is beautifully represented with these ornamental plates.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number 3000236
Time Until Shipping 5 days
Brand Ando Cloisonne
Dimensions 12 x 12 cm (4.7" x 4.7")
Made In Japan
Prefecture Aichi
All Material Silver, Enamel, Copper
Alcohol % No