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Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Shochibubai

Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Shochibubai

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This Tenugui made of tie-dyed Japanese cloth is fully hand-made, the floral drawings are realized by knotting the cloth in a certain way, this technique implies great skills in order to achieve to such a result. The Tenugui are very popular in Japan as they can be used in many different ways without any specific rules.

Takeda Kahei  

The technique of Arimatsu tie dyeing first started with Shokuro Takeda. He noticed that workers from southern Japan employed for the construction of Nagoya castle used tenugui cloth with unusual patterns. This inspired him to develop his own patterns using tie dyeing techniques. Takeda later moved to the city of Arimatsu, which then gave the name to this craft.


In 1872, Takeda Kahei decided to keep on the family tradition and opened the Takeda Kahei Shouten shop. Nowadays, the shop is still owned by the Takeda family and keeps on using the same hand-made traditional techniques to create many products from Yukata to purses.


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This Tenugui is produced using the Arimatsu Shibori technique, each pattern on it is done by knotting the cloth before dyeing it in order to create these vegetal drawings. The design is very simple and elegant, two characteristic that are often found in Japanese traditional art crafts.

The Tenugui were first created during the Heian period (AD 794 - 1192), over the years they also became appreciated as artistic objects thanks to their beautiful patterns. The Tenugui are very popular in Japan, they can be used in many different ways such as wiping cloth for glasses, for wrapping presents or even as decorative ornaments. The Tenugui have a soft texture that will along with the color evolve with time.

Takeda Kahei has been producing Arimatsu Shibori products since its establishment in 1872 by Takeda Kahei himself. Yet, the tradition of tie-dyeing technique is much older and was transmitted throughout the generations. Nowadays, Takeda Kahei tries to diversify from producing only Yukata or Tenugui with modern products such as fans, purses and pouches.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number 3000851
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Brand Takeda Kahei
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Made In Japan
Prefecture Aichi
All Material Cotton
Alcohol % No
Dyeing method Knot tie dyeing