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INDENYA Lacquered Leather

Samurai Armor

Koshu Inden is a Japanese craft made of lacquered deerskin with more than 400 years of history originating in the Yamanashi prefecture close to Mount Fuji.

The techniques and patterns for making Inden were originally developed to produce certain parts of samurai armors. The production process follows three basic steps that require highly skilled artisans.

The very soft deerskin leather becomes very durable when Japanese lacquer is applied on it, making it very suitable for objects exposed to day to day usage.

This combination of softness and durability is what makes inden products so popular since more than 400 years.

Nowadays the same techniques and patterns are used to create contemporary objects of timeless beauty and high durability.

The market leader INDENYA was established in 1582 and is till run by the thirteenth generation of the Uehara family. Their wallets, purses and bags are of high quality and sold in major Japanese department stores. The designs are timeless and please women and men all around the world.


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