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Classic Salty & Sour Umeboshi Plums

Classic Salty & Sour Umeboshi Plums
These are very salty and very sour umeboshi - a real Japanese classic. They are made with ripe plums and therefore have a very fruity aftertaste. They typically are eaten with a bowl of rice or are used to make onigiri rice-balls.
Classic Salty & Sour Umeboshi Plums

Classic Salty & Sour Umeboshi Plums, 120g

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Chinriu Honten



Chinriu Honten was established in 1871 in Odawara by Monya Komine who until then was the last chief cook of Odawara castle. He started a high class restaurant that also offered umeboshi pickles, which became popular gifts.The second generation of Komine decided to abandon the restaurant and to focus on umeboshi and pickles.


These days Chinriu Honten is run by fifth generation of the Komine family. Chinriu Honten produces and retails products made of Japanese fruits and herbs such as ume plum, yuzu lime or shiso herb. Only the best ingredients are selected from contract farmers to produce according to traditional recipes. 

Chinriu Honten Umeboshi & Japanese Pickles




Producer:   Chinriu Honten
Ingredients:   Ume plum, salt
Shelf-life:   12 months
Storage:   Keep in a bowl with a lid at room temperature
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Additional Information

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