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Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Edible Sakura Cherry Blossoms


Sakura cherry blossoms are one of the best known symbols of Japan. Sakura are not only beautiful, but they also have a subtle flowery flavor. Sakura flowers are used as a decoration for sweets or are cooked just with rice.

The sakura leaves have the most intense aroma and are therefore used as powder or as a whole to enhance the flavor of cookies or Japanese style sweets.

Nowadays sakura flavor can also be enjoyed as syrup or jam with endless possibilities.

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    This bottle of sakura liquor is a wonderful gift. The round bottle perfectly encapsulates the fully opened cherry blossom. The bottle is also packed in a cute Japanese style box. The liquor has a sweet sour flowery flavor. It is best consumed cooled and is easy to mix with cocktails or champagne.

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    This sakura liquor is very beautiful with a sweet sour flavor. The liquor is best enjoyed cold. It also  mixes nicely with champagne or cocktails and makes a beautiful topping on ice-cream. Each bottle includes three fully opened sakura flowers making each bottle a piece of natural art. The sakura liquor is a great gift from Japan.

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    We now are also selling salt pickled sakura in bulk for food professionals. Bulk is available in three grades depending on the purity of the flowers: 1) Extra Fine (about 1167 flowers per kg) Each flower has been inspected and hard parts as well as broken flowers have been removed. During this inspection process insects that have been living inside the flowers also have been removed as far as possible. This grade is recommended for makers of sweets requiring a smooth and pleasant texture. Our consumer packs (30g, 500g, 1kg) are all based on Extra Fine quality. 2) Selection Flowers go through a rough inspection and filtering process. Loose stems and parts not related to the flowers are being filtered out to a large extend. This grade is suitable for companies that do not need perfect flowers or where the purpose is to decorate non-edible (e,g, cosmetics). 3) Raw Bulk Flowers are shipped in bulk without inspection. This grade is suitable for companies with much cheaper labor than Japan and that have the resources to do this by their own. A production flow chart and product description for customs office and import authorities are made available upon request. FDA registration is currently under preparation. Learn More
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    This set includes a wide range of sakura products to create and decorate sweet with a distinctive Japanese style. It consists of the following five items:

    • Salt pickled sakura cherry blossoms
    • Sakura honey syrup
    • Sakura leaf powder
    • Salk pickled sakura leaves
    • Sakura an paste
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    This Sakura starter set with free shipping is perfect for those with little experience in using edible cherry blossoms. It consists of pickled sakura cherry blossoms, sakura syrup and sakura leaf powder. Learn More
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    Taking advantage of the unique fragrance of the Japanese Sakura trees, these pickled leaves are usually use for Sakura mochi and other Japanese type of sweets called Wagashi. However, it can also be use in occidental cuisine to bring a nice flavor. Cut in pieces it will perfume your bread and meat dishes. It is also very good cooked along with rice or to wrap sushis.

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    Enjoy the flavor of cherry blossoms all year. Edible cherry blossoms are pickled and dried in salt and are used in Japan for tea during celebrations such as weddings. You can also make delicious cherry blossom rice or cherry blossom cookies. Our sakura cherry blossoms have a strong pink color and consist of whole flowers only. Before packaging we are checking every single flower and removing debris as well as broken cherry blossoms. As a result you are able to use each of the about 35 flowers inside the 30g cherry blossom pack.

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    This Sakura leaf powder is made from pickled Sakura leaves that have been naturally dried and then reduced to powder. The Sakura leaf powder can be use in many ways for instance, the powder can be add in cookies' dough to add a delicious, Japanese flavor to your pastry. It can also be use for decoration on cakes and other desserts.

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    This Sakura and Honey syrup is a great combination of the subtle fragrance of Sakura flowers and the soft sweetness of Honey. You can either drink it mixed with water or with milk for a Sakura flavored milk shake. It can also be use on pancakes for a spring-like taste. Poured on yogurt or other desserts it brings a delicious Japanese touch to all your sweets. Learn More
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    Inspired from the Anko the Japanese famous Azuki bean paste that is very often found in Japanese sweets, this Sakura an is also a paste that can be use to fill bread, mochi and many other Japanese sweets. It can also be used to bring a delicious new flavor to western sweets too.

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    This Sakura Cherry Blossom Jam is made from real Sakura flower, the taste is subtle and delicious. It is like a Japanese Spring in a jar. Soft and melting in the mouth it will let you spend a luxurious moment of intense pleasure. Learn More
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    These sweet sakura flakes are crunchy and a perfect ingredient for toppings for ice-cream, cakes, donuts, etc. The flakes are made from freeze dried sakura cherry blossom paste, which is then processed to flakes. Learn More
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    The sweet sakura powder is used like sakura sugar in order to add sakura flavor to pastry. It also is a nice ingredients for sakura milk or a sakura shake. This sakura powder is made by freeze drying sakura paste. Learn More
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    This sakura powder is made of salt pickled cherry blossoms. It there has a slightly salty notion.. It is best used to make sweet & salty desserts and is a convenient and time saving alternative to shredding sakura flowers. Learn More
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    This sakura jelly is a very versatile ingredients. It can be used for garnishing desserts or mixed in drinks and shakes. It can be used as is or even frozen with ice. Learn More
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    Give your desserts a sweet salty notion. These flakes are made of freeze dried salt pickled sakura cherry blossoms. They are easy to use and popular as toppings on ice-cream, donuts or cakes. Learn More

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