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MBC Japanese Designer Bike from Kyoto AZ7

MBC Japanese Designer Bike from Kyoto AZ7

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The AZ7 citybike from MBC is an elegant sporty designer bike. It's made of components of highest quality and is real fun to ride. The bike's design was inspired by Kyoto - the center of Japanese elegance and style.

Like Skanda running through the streets
the slim, yet strong body cuts through the wind, streets, and even boring everyday life. Each turn of the pedals increases the speed and drives Skanda to run east and west.

Outstanding elegance created by master craftsmanship.
Coupled with exquisitely joined tubes, the lugs hand-made by skilled craftsmen via traditional methods add a unique touch to the frame.

Unmatched elegance and gallantry
A fusion of a refined flowing lug frame and sturdy bullhorn handlebars, and a combination of lacquerware-style vermilion, jet-black, and bright yellow colors…
Its fearless and audaciously bright appearance casts a spell on passersby.

MBC Bikes from Kyoto  

MBC is a young Kyoto based company that launched Japanese style high quality bikes in 2015. It is the only company in Japan creating design bikes with a Japanaese flavor. The MBC bikes are not only made of high quality parts, but they also look fantastic and are great fund to run.


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The bullhorn handlebars, which are based on straight handlebars, enable a head-forward posture when the horn parts are gripped. It is a city cycle best suited for riding in Kyoto and Tokyo, where there are some ups and downs.

For the frame, reputable chromium molybdenum steel is used. While it is slightly heavier than aluminum, it features high shock absorption and gives an exhilarating acceleration experience as it provides some resilience when pedaling at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute).

Lug welding is used to join the steel pipes (tubes). While it provides high weld strength, the shape of the lugs adds a unique touch to the frame. The color of gold, which appears here and there and brings out the color of vermilion, is produced by alumite processing and provides protection against rust.

Equipped with an eight-speed gear that ensures comfortable cycling in Kyoto. General English-style valves are used for the tire valves (tire inflation apertures) specifically for user convenience. The AZ7 is also equipped with a stand, which is a must to park your bike safely.

The AZ7 is a city bike that supports a brilliant design and a sporting mind with advanced functions.

Frame Size:   700C x 520mm
Weight:   11.8Kg ()
Tire:   700C x 28C
Color:   Red & Black
Frame:   700C CHROMOLY(4130) ROAD TYPE,LUG
Shifter:   MICROSHIFT TS70-8 (8SPEED)
Rear Derailleur:   MICROSHIFT RD-R32 (8SPEED)
Accessory:   NOUSAKU Bell
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Brand MBC
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