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Kombu Tea, 5packs

Kombu Tea, 5packs

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Enjoy the flavor and health benefits of kombu kelp through these kombu tea packs. Kombu is shredded to make this aromatic and slightly salty tea. 5 servings allow to always keep it fresh. It also is simple to prepare: Just add hot water and adjust the amount of water to you liking.


Okui Kombu




The company Okui Kaiseido has been established in 1871 and is now run by the fourth generation of the Okui family. It is located in Tsuruga, which at that time was one of the main ports involved in trading kombu from Hokkaido to Kyoto and Osaka.


Similar to wine it requires a lot of expertise and highly controlled conditions to let kombu age and improve over many years. Nowadays there only are few people like Mr. Okui that understand this art. This makes kombu from Okui Kaiseido the product of choice of many famous Japanese chefs.


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Producer: Okui Kaisendo
Ingredients:  rishiri kombu seaweed, vinegar
Contents: 5 packs
Shelf Life: 1 year
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Additional Information

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