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Showen Tea Container with Silk Cords, Small

Showen Tea Container with Silk Cords, Small

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These tea cans have been wrapped with traditional kumihimo silk cords made in Kyoto. Although using such a traditional material the cans have a modern look and feel. The beautiful and bright colors add a nice spot to your kitchen.

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Showen Kumihimo


Shomen Kumihimo is a traditional company specialized on producing Kyoto Cord Broiding called Kyo-Kumihimo. The company offers a line-up of traditional broiding products such as sashs for kimono belts. Nowadays the company tries to apply this traditional Kyoto craft to new products such as tea boxes and accessories. The broiding itself is also often used for crafting.

The company is based in Uji, Kyoto, a district famous for the quality of its green tea and "The Tale of Genji" writte by MurasakiShikibu in the 10th century.


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Producer:   Showen Kumihimo
Material:   silk cords,tin box, plastic lid
Dimensions:   H8.5cm x diameter 6.5cm
Capacity:   80g of tea
Contents:   1x can,, 1x uppper lid, 1x inner lid
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number AAAAAJA
Time Until Shipping 5 days
Brand Kumihimo
Made In Japan
Prefecture Kyoto
Alcohol % No
Awards No Award Yet