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MBC Collapsible Citybike from Kyoto ck2

MBC Collapsible Citybike from Kyoto ck2

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The ck2 is a great looking and very convenient citybike. When it is not being used it can be collapsed, so that it does not take a lot of space. Unfolded within a few seconds it then becomes a beautiful and comfortable bike. It's unique Japanese design is a real eyecatcher.

Keep a low profile and wait for the right time
It can be folded with ease when carrying or storing. It can be stored just about anywhere, even in your car and transforms into a high-performance vehicle when needed with little trouble.

Falling cherry blossoms reminiscent of the hero
“Human life lasts only 50 years. Contrast human life with the life of Geten. It is but a dream and an illusion.” (Atsumori, a program in Kowaka Dance) Let the cherry blossoms, which represent Atsumori, dance around the city as you ride the bike.

Riding around the city as you wish
With refined flat handlebars, control the bike, shift gears, and apply the brakes…Control everything at will and enjoy city cycling to the fullest.

MBC Bikes from Kyoto  

MBC is a young Kyoto based company that launched Japanese style high quality bikes in 2015. It is the only company in Japan creating design bikes with a Japanaese flavor. The MBC bikes are not only made of high quality parts, but they also look fantastic and are great fund to run.


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Aluminum is used for the frame. The two-stage joint lever makes the frame easy to fold. Once folded, its space-saving design is compact enough to store in a room or car.

The ck2 has several characteristics as a city cycle. One is its appropriate height. The frame is set at a relatively high position for times when the rider may walk while pushing it. It is equipped with a seven-speed gear to ensure agility. Although it is a mini velo bike, slimmer tires with a narrower ground contact area are adopted. It runs briskly while ensuring stability. For practicality, general English-style valves are used for the tire valves (tire inflation apertures) specifically for user convenience, and a bicycle stand is provided for safe, trouble-free parking. In addition, grooves are applied to the rims to prevent squeaking when the brakes are applied.

The golden sections arranged here and there not only enhance the beauty of the bike, but also afford, thanks to the alumite processing, protection against rust. The ck2 is a casual, convenient bike for easy cruising that features a cute design and fashionable style.

Frame Size:   20in x 400mm
Weight:   12.1kg
Tire:   20 x 1 3/8
Color:   Red
Frame:   20in ALUMINUM (6061) FOLDING (ROAD TYPE)
Brake:   V-BRAKE
Shifter:   MICROSHIFT TS50-7 (7SPEED)
Rear Deraiileur:   SHIMANO TZ50 7SPEED
Kick Stand:   CENTER STAND
Accessory:   NOUSAKU Bell
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Brand MBC
Made In China
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