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nicoichi Black & Red Chopsticks "KABUKI"

nicoichi Black & Red Chopsticks "KABUKI"

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The coloring of these chopsticks has been inspired by the striking costumes and makeup of Japanese KABUKI theater. It features a strong red and a dark black creating a beautiful contrast. The KABUKI chopsticks are delivered in a beautiful gift box.

The nicoichi chopsticks are also part of the "THE WONDER 500" project. It is a selection of Japanese products that are being promoted outside of Japan with the help of the Japanese Ministry of Economy.

nicoichi お箸  

The nicoichi brands stands for a innovaive chopstick design. One sole diagonal cut through a simple wooden stick creates two identical chopsticks. Therefore, paired again, the two chopsticks can go back to their original shape - a simple wooden stick. he ultimate expression of simplicity, the culture of WABISABI.


In addition to the original “pick up” role of the chopsticks, this new shape adds the “scoop” function of the fork and the “cut” function of the knife. The tips of the chopsticks are cut into triangular pyramid shapes and are easy to use for first-time chopstick users. The Sanuki lacquer technique that enables lacquering in increments of one millimeter or smaller.


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nicoichi Designer Chopsticks "KABUKI"

Producer:   BO Project
Material:   Bornean Ironwood
Dimensions:   23.5cm
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Additional Information

Product Number 3001009
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Brand nicoichi
Made In Japan
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