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NOUSAKU Incense Stick Holder "HANAIKADA"

NOUSAKU Incense Stick Holder "HANAIKADA"

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This incense burner features the motif of a Japanese helwingia leaf. The saucer is made of 100% tin giving it a natural shiny appearance. The incense stand itself is a small blue glass bead that expresses a flower.



NOUSAKU began manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings in 1916, and has more recently begun to add tableware and interior products to its lineup. It is run by the fourth generation of the NOUSAKU family and produces according to casting techniques typical for the Takaoka region, which is known for its tin and brass casting since 400 years.


NOUSAKU has been working with many Japanese and foreign designers to develop a wide range of wind-bells. Although using traditional production techniques they stand out with their refreshing and modern designs. Some wind-bells produce a very long-lasting and beautiful sound whereas others are more an eye-catching interior decoration.

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Producer:   NOUSAKU
Material:   tin, glass
Dimensions:   H21 W45 D108
Designer:   Shinichi Sumikawa / Mio Matsuyama
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number 3001857
Time Until Shipping 2 weeks
Brand Nousaku
Made In Japan
Prefecture Toyama
All Material Glass, Tin
Alcohol % No