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Organic Cotton T-Shirt Featuring Sake Brand "Seven Spears"

Organic Cotton T-Shirt Featuring Sake Brand "Seven Spears"

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Kume T-SHirts 7 Spears

The motifs of this T-shirt refer to seven warlords who won a sever battle 450 years ago. This also is the name of a Japanese sake and the T-shirt is part of Kume Company's collection of T-shirts featuring famous sake breweries and their brands.

This T-shirt is made of 100% Japanese organic cotton and has been produced using green energy only.

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Kume Co. Limited was established in 1935 as the first producer of T-shirts in Japan. It now is run by the 3rd generation of the Kume family. The company is specialized in the production of T-Shirts with genuine Japanese motifs. All T-Shirts are produced in their workshop in downtown Tokyo.


Kume Company not only manufactures in Japan but also only uses organic cotton grown in Japan. All T-shirts are labelled with the "Pure Japan Cotton" mark to certify textiles made of 100% cotton or the "Cotton Blend" mark to textiles containing more than 50% cotton.

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Producer:   Kume T-shirt company
Material:   100% organic cotton grown in Japan
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Additional Information

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Brand Kume T-Shirts
Made In Japan
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