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The NIHON ICHIBAN platform connects Japanese traditional craftsmen with consumers all over the world. Our cause is to cultivate Japanese traditions by introducing authentic products to the world. Selling into new markets keeps traditional businesses running and also makes them attractive for young people to take art and crafts into the next generation.

This cause has been supported by many people and organizations inside and outside of Japan. With this page we want to thank everyone who supported us through out crowdfunding campaign, through promoting our site, being a good advisor or helping as an intern.

Thank you!

names are listed by random order

Sophie    Hayate   Jalisha van Beek   Kai Tillmann 
 Jonathan Grogan    Lengo   Heinz (ケルン)    Martin 
 久米信行    いのっち    しんさん    もえ
 ニコベア    Yassan    Toshitera    Eitoku
Shimizu66   kashiwagi teru   ワッキー   iebo 
シンギ   dada   kei   wataru