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White Rabbit Kana Flashcards

White Rabbit Kana Flashcards

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These flip cards are the best way to learn the hiragana and katakana characters. You can also use it to refresh your memory in a fun way. There is often characters we forgot when not use often but with these very well-designed flashcards you will be able to work on your characters anytime.

It is proven that it is much easier to remember things when it is ludic, on these cards there is mnemonics to help remembering the kana. Each card includes the following information with one side in Japanese and the other side with the translation and pronunciation:

  • A big picture of the kana

  • Typical variations (especially useful to read handwriting)

  • A diagram showing the stroke order

  • mnemonics to help remembering the kana

  • 5 vocabulary per card

With these flashcards you will memorize Japanese kana in no time but also be able to refresh your memory. You can also use the Kana Workbook available for download that will, with its printable sheets, allow you to master the basic writing system fast. You will not only master the reading but also become proficient in writing hiragana and katakana!



Quickly memorize all hiragana and katakana with these well designed flashcards. Each card includes the picture of the kana, a diagram with the stroke order as well as 5 vocabulary for beginners.
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