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YAMATO KOBO Zori "Cool Style" R1510 Blue

YAMATO KOBO Zori "Cool Style" R1510 Blue

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This is beautiful and very comfortable zori sandal. The upper parts are made of hemp. The lower part is made of rubber cussion making very comfortable to wear. It has a beautiful blue color that fits to a nice spring or summer day.


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Note that a Japanese sandal only approximately fits a shoe size.

Model M L LL
Japan (cm)  24.5 - 25.0   26.0 - 27.0   27.0 - 28.0 
USA 7 8 9 - 10
UK 8 8½ - 9
Continental 40 41 42 - 43


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 Yamato Kobo Zori

YAMATO KOBO is a maker of contemporary Zori Sandals from Nara, Japan's center for Zori production. Their Zori sandals are comfortable to wear and also have beautiful classic and modern designs.


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Producer:   YAMATO KOBO
Material:   Hemp, rubber sponge
Sole Material:   Synthetic rubber (not replaceable)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number AAAAAIC
Time Until Shipping 5 days
Brand Yamato Kobo
Made In Japan
Prefecture Nara
Alcohol % No
Awards No Award Yet