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  • Kirimoto Lacquer Business Card Holder

    Starting at: $150.60

    This business card holder from Wajima Kirimoto uses the so called "Makiji" technique to make it very durable. Normally rice powder is used to fix the lacquer on the core of wood, but it is soft and most lacquer ware is easy to scratch. The Makiji technique consists of cloth pasting to the thin wood boards and then ceramics powders from crushed and sifted earth ware is added. The coating process is repeated multiple times. This creates a very hard and durable coating that is almost impossible to scratch. This lacquer technique is usually used to make counter tables of sushi restaurants. There more it is used over time the more it gains luster and the more you will enjoy the card holder over the years.
  • Small Bamboo Handbag

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    This bamboo bag is very cute in a classic Japanese design. The natural beauty of the bamboo and the traditional dark blue color are in great harmony. The timeless design makes the bag a fantastic accessory to formal as well as to casual wear.

  • Miyabi Andon Bamboo Handbag Town Beauty

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    This handbag shaped like a small luggage is very handy as it is quite spacious. On the other hand is is extremely esthetics. This bag is fully hand-made and only on command. This kind of handbags re usually wear with a kimono but they also bring an original and traditional Japanese touch to a western outfit.

  • Miyabi Andon Bamboo Handbag Halfmoon

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    This handbag from Miyabi Andon, a Suruga basketry producer is very unique, it is all hand-made and done only on command. This kind of handbags is usually wear with kimono.

4 Item(s)