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Chinriu et l'Ume: une histoire commune de près de 150 ans

CHINRIU was established in 1871 in Odawara, by Monya Komine- the last chief cook of Odawara Castle. He started a high-class restaurant which' 'Umeboshi'  became so popular they turned into local gifts. The company is now run by the fifth generation of the Komine family who focus on producing and retailing products made of Japanese fruits and herbs. Only the best ingredients are selected from a specified group of farmers to ensure authentic products for any high quality recipe!  

CHINRIU products are made using natural ingredients without usage of unnecessary enhancers. Many CHINRIU products are suitable to a wide range of diets such as gluten free, vegan, halal, kosher, raw food and macrobiotic.

CHINRIU specializes in three products areas with Ume, red Shiso or Sakura cherry blossoms as main ingredients. Besides traditional salty pickles, CHINRIU is now developing a growing range of new products for modern food enthusiasts and international markets.

CHINRIU is aiming at developing the Japanese and international food culture for these three ingredients and works together with Japanese and foreign chefs to develop new recipes.

CHINRIU’s high quality products are also sold in prestigious Japanese department stores such as Isetan, Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya.


Ume Apricot

The Ume apricot is often referred to as Ume plum. It has a very fruity flavor and a pleasant level of acid. CHINRIU is a specialist in Ume products, such as salt pickled Ume, Umeshu plum wine as well as Japanese and Western style sweets made with Ume fruits.

Sakura Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, Sakura cherry blossoms are preserved by pickling them in salt. The beautiful pink cherry blossoms are traditionally used to make a salty tea for celebrations, but they nowadays gain a lot of popularity as decoration for sweets.

CHINRIU is a producer of salt pickled cherry blossoms and even developed a unique line-up of products including Sakura Salt, Sakura Wine and Sakura Syrup.

Red Shiso

Red Shiso (also called Red Perilla or Beefsteak Leaves) is one Japan's essential spices. It is often preserved in salt and has a flowery flavor that resembles anise.

CHINRIU has a wide range of Red Shiso products, such as whole red shiso leaves and red shiso powder, which do not only suit Japanese but also Western cuisine.

Old Umeboshi Barrel