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In December 2013, ‘Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese’ was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The NIHON ICHIBAN offering allows people around the world to experience authentic Japanese food culture with authentic Japanese ingredients, sweets and beverages. We only work with brands known for their high quality to ensure our customers have a pleasant culinary experience.

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  • Whole Honkarebushi Katsuobushi Block, 200g

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    Katsuobushi is smoked, dried and fermented bonito fish. It is one of the most essential ingredients of Japanese cuisine. It is mostly used to make dashi broth which is the base for many sauces and dishes.This Honkarebushi also includes the dark red parts of meat close to the pine (chiai), giving it a deep aroma.

    Traditionally Katsuobushi is used in blocks and shaved using a wooden grater box. Freshly shaved bonito flakes have a much more intense flavor than pre-packed flakes. The bonito flakes can be grated at will and their thickness can be adjusted to one's personal taste. Using fresh bonito flakes is a must for a true aficionado of Japanese cuisine.

  • Extra Large and Moisty Hana katsuobushi Bonito Flakes, 160g

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    These Hana Bonito shavings are large and of very high quality, containing very little "dust". 
    They are perfect to make a savory dashi stock with lots of umami. 

    Recommended use: 
    Boil 20 grams of flakes on a medium temperature for about one minute in 880 cc hot water for a basic dashi stock. 

    The flakes can also be used as toppings on especially vegetable dishes, tofu, okonomiyaki for an intense, smoky flavor. 

2 Item(s)