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In December 2013, ‘Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese’ was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The NIHON ICHIBAN offering allows people around the world to experience authentic Japanese food culture with authentic Japanese ingredients, sweets and beverages. We only work with brands known for their high quality to ensure our customers have a pleasant culinary experience.

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  • Low Sodium Crisp & Salty Green Ume Pickles, 110g

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    Umeboshi are traditional Japanese sour plums, still popular today to their wide range of health benefits. They are mostly eaten by itself as a snack, on top of rice or inside rice balls.

    Umeboshi are known to battle or even cure fatigue, alcohol poisoning/hangovers, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, Infections and more. Their unique flavor easily gives your meal a real Japanese touch. 

    These salty Ume pickles are low in sodium and have an extra strong crisp.  

  • Umeboshi Paste with Red Shiso, 120g

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    Red Umeboshi Paste is a very versatile ingredient for Japanese and Western cuisine. It can be used instead of salt to enhance sauces or salads, and adds a pleasant umeboshi-shiso flavor to your dishes. The red shiso makes them even more nutritious and adds anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. 

  • Sampler With 4 Diffent Types of Pickled Umeboshi Plums, 420g

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    This Umeboshi sampler includes four different types of classic Japanese salt pickled plums. Traditional umeboshi are available in large or small size on one hand, and with their natural color and flavor or with the addition of red shiso. This sampler includes all four types. The sampler comes in a small Japanese style barrel made of Japanese cedar with a ring of real bamboo. The barrel can serve other purposes after usage (e.g. to serve the rice for a sushi party).
  • Ume Plum Syrup for Making Ume Juice, 270g

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    The ume plum syrup is ideal to make a refreshing cold juice in summer. Mix it with warm water in a relation of 4:1 and cool it to make a delicious fruity drink. Adjust the sweetness by adding more water or syrup. The syrup also can be used to sweeten yoghurt or a desert.

  • White Umeboshi Puree Paste, 120g

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    Umeboshi paste is a great ingredient Japanese and fusion cuisine. You can blend the fruity and sour flavor of umeboshi with dressings, fish or meat dishes and create unique dishes. It is made by removing the pit from the umeboshi and pressing the remaining pickled plum pulp through multiple sieves until the paste becomes very smooth.
  • Sweet Sour Umeboshi Seasoning Paste "UMEBISHIHO", 150g

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    Umebishiho is a very traditional ingredient that also suits contemporary and Western cuisine. Originally it is used to add flavor to Japanese Okayu rice gruel, which is very healthy but only has a very plain taste. Nowadays Umebishiho has a broader application in modern cuisine and adds fruitiness and acid to salad dressings. Mixing a little bit of Umebishiho with mayonnaise makes a very nice dip for vegetables or grilled meat.

6 Item(s)