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In December 2013, ‘Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese’ was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The NIHON ICHIBAN offering allows people around the world to experience authentic Japanese food culture with authentic Japanese ingredients, sweets and beverages. We only work with brands known for their high quality to ensure our customers have a pleasant culinary experience.

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  • Hannari Kyo Umeshu with Rice Shochu from Kyoto, 720ml

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    This is a classic Umeshu plum wine based on rice shochu from Kyoto. It has a perfect balance of fruitiness and acid. Hannari means gorgeous in Kyoto dialect and this name perfectly matches the perfect flavor and scent of this plum wine.

  • Ohara Umeshu Plum Wine with Red Shiso, 720ml

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    Ohara Shiso Umeshu from the Kitagawa Honke brewery in Kyoto is made mit Japanese Shiso mint that gives it a nice pink color. Ohara is the name of a region that is well known for growing Shiso. Because it is made with natural Shiso only it has a very natural and subtle bitter flavor of Shiso.

  • Nigori Yuzu Umeshu Plum Wine, 720ml

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    This is a wonderful rice shochu based umeshu with Japanese Yuzu lime. It has a very intense flavor of Yuzu lime with a subtle taste of bitterness from the Yuzu skin. Nigori Yuzu Umeshu has a nice acid which makes is very popular as aperitif.

3 Item(s)