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Singing Bowls & Buddhist Accessory

Japanese singing bowls have long tradition and are found in every temple and many private homes. The high level of Japanese craftsmanship not only makes them beautiful pieces of art, but they also have a very long-lasting tone.

Our line-up of Japanese singing bowls consists of traditional forms as well as more modern shapes.

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  • Hanging Singing Bell "KOKORORIN"

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    This hanging singing bell has an exceedingly and peaceful resonance that sinks into your heart. Experience the rich sound not only with your ears but with your whole body.

  • Japanese Singing Bowl & Buddhist Altar Bell Set

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    Buddhist singing bowls are called “Rin” in Japanese and are used for praying and worshiping in Japanese Temples. However bowls of this size are usually used at home for the private altar. The cushion, called "Zabuton" is made in fabric with beautiful, vivid colors. The wooden striker is also covered with textile available in three colors: orange, purple or gold. These small altars in Japanese homes have been developed during the period of autarky of Japan when Buddhism was fervently practiced. Called “Butsudan”, these altars with singing bells are now a common part of Japanese culture and even within households practicing only occasionally you may find them.

  • Singing Bowl & Incense Holder in One "Rincense"

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    Singing bowl and incense holder in one. This singing bowl lets you listen to beautiful sound and enjoy your favorite scent at the same time. The idea behind this innovative design is to increase the level of piece and relaxation - even if you do not have a lot of space.

  • Singing Bowl & Candle Holder in One "RINDLE"

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    Singing Bowl and candle holder in one. The singing bowls crisp sound and flickering flame will support your prayers and thoughts. The cup, designed in the image of swaying sound and light coming together, has been made extremely thin thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of Yamaguchi Kyujo.

  • Brass Candle & Incense Holder "TOMOSU"

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    This candle and incense holder is a simple and beautiful additional to your home shrine, but it also can be used as home decoration. Place it beside a window or bedside to create your own special place. The round bottom rocks slightly to prevent it from tipping over. It can be used as a stand for candles, as well as to hold stick or cone incenses.

  • Brass Flower Vase "Hana"

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    This brass vase can be used for offering flowers before the altar as well as for everyday life. Shaped like a bulb, it embodies a vessel of life. "Golden Sand" makes good use of its brass surface with a soft shine; ink black - coated in black over a mirror finish - glistens serenely; and beige emits dewy elegance in skillful mix of tradition and modernity.

  • Black Japanese Lacquer Tray for Buddhist Altar or Singing Bowls "HIJIRIBAN"

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    This black coated tray supports the spiritual world created by the singing bowls ring. Its simple beauty will emphasize the shape of the singing bowl. The deep black of the Japanese lacquer has a beautiful matte reflection. The edges are sloped for a softer appearance and easy handling.

  • Wooden Drawer for Buddhist Altar "NOZOMI"

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    Candles and incense can be stored in the drawer of this wooden cabinet as well as other items required for your prayers. It has a simple, sturdy structure and the solid wood will complement any interior design.

  • Wooden Frame for Buddhist Altar "KESHIKI"

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    The KESHIKI frame can hold pictures, figures for praying or flowers for enjoyment, depending on how the object is mounted. It is a beautiful addition to your altar allowing you to pray whenever your heart desires.

    (the frame is delivered without flowers)

11 Item(s)