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  • HARAC High Quality Standing Scissors "Moc"

    Starting at: $35.90

    The standing scissors are like a gangly tree, residing in the forest of your desk and easily accessible whenever in need. The Moc scissors feature a simple design a easy-to-use round handles. The Standing Scissors Moc are part of a series of easy-to-use cutting tools sold under the HARAC brand. The word HARAC is derived from a combination of two Japanese words Hasegawa (company name) and RAKU (easy to use). The Moc scissors received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD for their beautiful design, the functionality and their ease-of-use.
  • Ando Cloisonne Ball-pen

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    Enjoy every day writing with this high quality pen entirely covered with Owari Cloisonne. The cloisonne shows flower motifs in four color options (red, blue, black and white). Click on the link below the descriptions to view the different color options. The knock-type ball pen is how high quality and is refilled with parker refills (DIN16 554/2). One refill is delivered with the pen together with the practical and beautiful case.
  • Ishioka Tsugaru Lacquer Business Card Box

    Starting at: $45.91

    This business card box is a very sophisticated object. In Japan, the tradition of giving and receiving business card is very important and the appearance of the card as well as the box can make a difference on your first impression. With this beautiful hand-made lacquer Business Card box you are sure to make a great impression.

3 Item(s)