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Our Offer to Japan Associations and Japan Clubs

At NIHON ICHIBAN we share the same objectives as Japan associations and clubs - promote and preserve Japanese culture.

Do you know that the Japanese market for crafts and artisanal products significantly shrank over the last decade? This now reached a point where many craft companies and their techniques are on the verge to disappear.  The NIHON ICHIBAN mission is to cultivate the culture of artisanally made Japanese products. By giving Japanese craftsmen access to international markets we want to contribute to preserve this rich culture.

Our affiliate program provides your association with additional financing by doing good for Japanese craftsmen. With each purchase made by your members, you support Japanese craftsmen and earn an 8% commission.


For Your Members

Your members get access to authentic Japanese products often not available in your country. Combining orders for multiple people reduces overall shipping costs.


For Your Organization

With each purchase of a member we contribute to the financing of your organization allowing you to increase the number of events and activities for your members.


For Japanese Craftsmen

Each purchase helps to preserve Japan's culture of handmade products. Selling internationally allows craftsman and traditional business to survive despite Japan's shrinking markets.


All you need to do to get started is to sign-up for our program now.

Once we approved your application, we will start tracking traffic and orders coming through your website.  You will get access to a range of banners, which you can place on your website. We also are happy to develop custom material for you.

With every purchase made by one of your members or visitors of your website, we will credit your affiliate account with an 8% commission. You can request the commissions to be transferred to your PayPal account anytime.

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