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The Wonder 500

The Wonder 500

The products in "The Wonder 500" have all been selected in a project run by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in order to promote Japanese products abroad. Many of these "The Wonder 500" products are already listed at NIHON ICHIBAN and we are now are working at adding more of these fantastic products to our shop.

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  • OUGI Bag in White with Red Folds "TOTO" from KOSHO in Kyoto

    Starting at: $65.26

    The design of the KOSHO bags has been inspired by the folds of Kimono and the shape of folding fans. Each bag has the "Canvas Ougi" motif adding a modern combination of color and dynamism. The hems of the bag open double folded accented with beautiful, vivid color. Each bag is hand-made by master craftsmen and the colored fabrics are hand-dyed using dyeing techniques typical for Kyoto. The KOSHO collection showcases traditional colors of Kyoto. The red of this bag is called "Crimson" and represents the color of Japanese camellias that bloom in the bamboo forest of the Sagano district.
  • Inato Hinaga Fragrance Uchiwa, Ume

    Regular Price:

    This beautiful fan is a small piece of art which also conveys a very powerful meaning: the stylized cranes drawn on the fine white paper are a symbol of longevity and prosperity. According to the old Japanese tradition, cranes are said to live peacefully a thousand years. The fan also features a set of smaller, symbolic drawings: flowers, twigs and leaves which stand for the pine, bamboo, and plum trees. These trees are called shō-chiku-bai (松竹梅) in Japanese and, together, they make up a whole which is said to bring about many happy events and joy.
  • Flexible Japanese Geta Sandal by DRILL DESIGN - Black

    Regular Price:


    These are modern Geta with a flexible join close to their top. This unique design allows to enjoy the traditional wooden feeling of Japanese geta clogs whilst having the special comfort from the flexibly connected two pieces of wood. This very special geta sandal was developed in 2008 through a collaboration of MIZUTORI and DRILL DESIGN. These modern Geta sandals have been selected to become part of the "THE WONDER 500" project run by the Japanese Ministry of Economy. Products part of the "THE WONDER 500" selection are being promoted on various events outside of Japan.

    Note that a geta sandal only approximately fits a shoe size as they leave some room for the feet.

    Geta SizeSMLLL
    cm21.5 - 23.023.5 - 25.025.5 - 27.027.5 0 - 28.5
    USA men3.5 - 5.05.5 - 7.07.5 - 9.09.5 - 10.5
    USA women5.5 - 7.07.5 - 9.09.5 - 10.511.0 - 12.5
    UK3.0 - 4.55.0 - 6.57.0 - 8.08.5 - 10.0
    Europe35.5 - 37.538 - 4041 - 4343.5 - 45.5
  • Japanese Modern Style Doorbell "YUU"

    Starting at: $90.36

    This Japanese style door bell's name is YUU, which means diversion or recreation. It very well fits to its modern but playful design with motifs of nature such as birds and flowers. It is has a beautiful ring, which will be heard each time the door the bell is attached to will open. It is fixed to the door magnetically. The bell is delivered including a small sheet of metal and the tape required to fix it to non-magnetic doors.
  • Japanese Doorbell "SHIZUKU"

    Regular Price:

    The doorbell SHIZUKU has a very playful design. It makes a beautiful and gentle sound each time the door it is fixed to opens. It is fixed to the door magnetically. The bell is delivered including a small sheet of metal and the tape required to fix it to non-magnetic doors.
  • Modern Style Takaoka Casting Doorbell DOARIN - Classic Design

    Regular Price:

    This doorbell applies traditional Japanese casting techniques to contemporary living. Attached to a door the bell will make a gentle tone each time the door opens. It is fixed to the door magnetically. The bell is delivered including a small sheet of metal and the tape required to fix it to non-magnetic doors.
  • nicoichi Black & Red Chopsticks "KABUKI"

    Regular Price:


    The coloring of these chopsticks has been inspired by the striking costumes and makeup of Japanese KABUKI theater. It features a strong red and a dark black creating a beautiful contrast. The KABUKI chopsticks are delivered in a beautiful gift box.

    The nicoichi chopsticks are also part of the "THE WONDER 500" project. It is a selection of Japanese products that are being promoted outside of Japan with the help of the Japanese Ministry of Economy.

  • Cherry Bark Tea Container with a Colored Band "JOIN"

    Regular Price:


    The "JOIN" tea container has a very simple, modern design. The colored ring emphasises the natural beauty of the traditional cherry bark. The ring also allows to easily identify different teas if you have more than one at home. Coating the tea container with cherry bark also prevents air and humidity to enter the container always keeping the tea fresh. This cherry bar teabox has been selected to become of the "THE WONDER 500" products. It is a selection of products that are promoted by the Ministry of Economy on events outside of Japan.

  • DEN Tumbler made of Glass Coated with Black Japanese Lacquer

    Starting at: $110.44

    The DEN tumbler glasses are coated with deep dark Japanese lacquer. Each glass is decorated with mother-of-pearl, giving it a strong accent. It is a great example for the combination of Japanese traditional craft with modern design.

    The DEN tumber is part of the "THE WONDER 500" - a selection of great products from Japan made by the Japanese Ministry of Economic. These products are promoted on various exhibitions outside of Japan.

  • Kaneko Pottery GIYAMAN Blue Plate

    Starting at: $10.04

    The specialty of the GIYAMAN series of Kaneko Kohyo Pottery is the shiny glaze of the porcelain that makes it look like glass. The word GIYAMAN was used at the beginning of the Edo period to describe glass, which came from overseas. The blue color is inspired by the traditional Japanese indigo dyeing craft. The deep blue makes a beautiful contrast to the white lines of the pattern that is shaped like a chrysanthemum, which is the flower of the imperial family.

    The GIYAMAN BLUE plate is part of the "THE WONDER 500" collection of great products from Japan, that are promoted on overseas events by the Japanese Ministry of Economy.

  • Long Shaped Large Tea Container HISHI

    Starting at: $120.48

    This filigrane tea container is a wonderful combination of Japanese woodcraft and modern design. The rills on the surface of the tea container are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, giving the object a very dynamic and elegant touch. The cherry birch not only feels great in one's hand, together with the tight cap it well protects the contents of the container from humidity and other factors. In Japan this box is mainly used to store green tea, But it also can be used to store coffee, herbs, spices or other food with a delicate flavor.

    This tea container has been selected to be part of the "THE WONDER 500" collection. This collection has been made by the Ministry of Econoy of Japan in order to promoted great Japanese products overseas.

  • BBL1 SUVÉ Body Brush with Handle

    Regular Price:

    Brush tips create foamy rich lather and gently cleanse the skin leaving a feathery light feeling. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and use comfortably for children. This brush is part of the Suvé collection, which has been designed to offer highest quality in skin care. Each Suvé product makes daily skincare relaxing high quality time. Products from the Suvé collection are popular with hotels and beauty salons all over the world. The Suve brush is part of the "THE WONDER 500" collection, which has been selected by the Japanese Ministry of Economy in order to be promoted overseas.
  • NOUSAKU Pure Tin Foldable Basket KAGO Square - Large

    Regular Price:


    The KAGO Square (KAGO means basket in Japanese) is designed to be molded into different shapes. It is flat and can first be used as a table centerpiece. When required it can be shaped into a basket by just pulling the tin upwards with very little effort. It can be used as a basket for fruits, sweets, accessories, etc. It is hygienic and washable and therefore safe for serving food. Besides being very practical the Kago square is a beautiful object on its own.

    KAGO Flexible Ware has been selected to be part of the "THE WONDER 500" project. These products are being promoted overseas in an initiative of the Japanese Ministry of Economy.

  • Rishiri Kombu for Dashi Broth, Premium Quality, 150g

    Regular Price:

    This Rishiri Kombu is of exquisite quality and used by many high class restaurants in Kyoto. It makes a very elegant and transparent soup. We recommend immersing it in the soup's water for 8 to 12 hours and then remove it before cooking as it might otherwise leave an unpleasant flavor and turbidity. After opening please store the kombu in a dry environment (e.g. tupper ware). White powder might sometimes appear on the surface of the kombu sheets. This is umami and is perfectly normal! 

14 Item(s)