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"tona" is a Tokyo based design studio, established by textile & interior designer Rika Kawato. The keywords of tona’s design are: color, material, finish, and the sense of nature. Color, material and finish have a great impact on how people perceive spaces and products. By carefully analyzing the right tone of color, the right material for the purpose, and the right finish, spaces or products will have strong appeal. The studio`s works are characterized by a fascination with the ordinary things in everyday life such as wind and light. This adds a sense of nature to its design. Recent works include textile, interior, furniture, product, and graphic design.

Designer Rika Kawato


"Rika Kawato was born in Germany in 1981 to a Japanese father and a Danish mother. She was raised and educated in the Soviet Union, Sweden, Japan and USA. After she graduated from the Textile Department of Rhode Island School of Design in 2004, she moved to Japan and started working at SUMINOE Textile Co., Ltd.

After working as a textile designer for automobiles, she started working independently and established her own design studio, "tona" in 2011. Influence from her diverse background has been a fundamental element in Rika’s works as a designer. Her design can be Asian, European or even both at the same time.

She is now based in Tokyo but also works with international clients.

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  • Necklace Made of Tsumugi Kimono Silk

    Starting at: $221.25

    “itu” is a necklace made of Amami Pongee, a traditional silk kimono textile originated on the island of Amami-Oshima near Kagoshima. The rich black color is made by Japanese mud dyeing technique which uses the natural sources found on the island such as plants and mud. Please note that each piece looks a little bit different depending on which part of the kimono fabric is used. This makes this necklace a valuable original piece of art. Amami Pongee has a history of over 1300 years. For a very long time, it was produced as offerings to royals. The intricate kasuri(resisted yarn dyeing) patterns on both warp and weft are carefully woven together. The whole process could take from a half year to a year to weave enough length for one kimono. “itu” means “yarn” in the local vernacular. Awarded the prefectural governor's award in the competition for new products from Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • MONMAYA Wine Rack Made of Japanese Lacquer and Traditional Cast Iron Ornaments

    Starting at: $390.44

    A new design series by Monmaya, a cabinet maker with a history of 140 years based in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Rika Kawato designed a wine rack using traditional sendai cabinetmaking method: a smooth and translucent finish with urushi lacquer which heightens the beauty of wood grain, and iron metal ornaments with intricate pattern.

2 Item(s)