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MIZUTORI Geta Sandal Coated with Jade Colored Japanese Lacquer

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A new MIZUTORI design that combines the best of two worlds; Japanese traditional Geta footwear and high quality Japanese lacquer, which is used in many Japanese craft styles. 

These gorgeous geta come in a unique color and are perfect for those looking for a fancy alternative to the traditional wooden geta, especially for a special occasion. 

The 6.5 cm heel are designed so that there are easily and comfortable to walk in, while maintaining their elegant and feminine look. 

A beautiful gift to yourself, or any Japanese culture- or shoe enthusiast!  

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  • Product NumberAAAAALH
    Time Until Shipping2 months
    Heel Height6.5cm
    Made InJapan
    All MaterialSynthetic rubber, Cloth, Japanese natural lacquer, Natural wood
  • Mizutori_Length

    How to measure your feet

    Length in cm

    Stand on a piece of paper naturally in a well-balanced manner. Measure from the end of the heel to the tip of your great toe. That is the length of your foot.

    You can now confirm the size with the size sheet for the Geta at the top of this page.
    USA men----55.566.577.588.599.510
    USA women44.555.566.577.588.599.51010.511
  • Geta_Care_1

    If the hanao strap becomes soiled

    To remove dirt from the hanao, use a soft brush, and then wipe gently with a cloth. In some cases, the colour may run, so first test an obscure part of the strap. Please note that if you soak the strap in water, it will become hard. It is recommended to use waterproof spray at first, but in this case, please be careful not to spray the dai (wooden part of geta).


    If lacquer chips off the wood base.

    To remove dirt from the wooden dai, wet a soft cloth in lukewarm water and squeeze out excess water. Then wipe off the dirt with the cloth. A neutral detergent may be used.


    If lacquer chips off the wood base.

    Surface scratches and blemishes sustained in everyday wear and tear may be disguised with a special scratch-cover pen or permanent marker, or nail varnish of appropriate color.


    If the wooden dai becomes chipped.

    Since natural wood is used, the wooden geta dai itself may become chipped or damaged with use. Wood bond or glue is recommended to repair damage. In this case, please follow the maker's instructions. If the damage is great, please do not wear your geta. Contact us for a consultation. If you wish to have it repaired, please send us a photograph that shows the damage clearly to help us advise you on the repair.


    The rubber sole.

    In order to enjoy your geta for many years, please replace the rubber sole before the wood dai is damaged. This operation may be carried out at your local shoe repair shop.


    Established in Shizuoka in 1937, Mizutori is a small business of local artisans dedicated to making high quality Japanese footwear and improve people’s health, happiness and comfort through wearing and enjoying them. 

    MIZUTORI geta sandals are fashionable, easy to wear and long-lasting footwear. The timeless designs suit both casual and fashionable wear.

    Walking with MIZUTORI geta sandals improves your posture and the blood circulation of your feet's soles.

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