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Organic Cotton T-Shirt Featuring Sake Brand "FUJIMIZAKE"

Organic Cotton T-Shirt Featuring Sake Brand "FUJIMIZAKE"

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Kume T-Shirt Fujimizake

This T-Shirt is part of Kume Company's collection featuring sake breweries and their brands. The T-shirt is dedicated to the brand "FUJIMIZAKE". FUJIMIZAKE literally means sake watching Mount Fuji during moon. It therefore features drawings of the moon above Mount Fuji. These symbols also stand for good luck and fortune.

This T-shirt is 100% made of organic cotton grown in Japan and it has been produced using green energy only.

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Kume Co. Limited was established in 1935 as the first producer of T-shirts in Japan. It now is run by the 3rd generation of the Kume family. The company is specialized in the production of T-Shirts with genuine Japanese motifs. All T-Shirts are produced in their workshop in downtown Tokyo.


Kume Company not only manufactures in Japan but also only uses organic cotton grown in Japan. All T-shirts are labelled with the "Pure Japan Cotton" mark to certify textiles made of 100% cotton or the "Cotton Blend" mark to textiles containing more than 50% cotton.

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Producer:   KUME T-Shirt company
Material:   100% organic cotton
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Additional Information

Product Number AAAAAGB
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Brand Kume T-Shirts
Made In Japan
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