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Japan's First Producer of T-Shirts

KUME Co. Limited was established in 1935 as the first producer of T-shirts in Japan.

It now is run by the 3rd generation of the KUME family. The company specializes in the production of T-shirts with genuine Japanese motifs. All T-shirts are produced in their workshop in downtown Tokyo.

Traditional Japanese clothing is very different from the Western clothes that have been adapted since Japan opened up its borders in the 1860's. Kimono, literally 'things to wear', were once worn by men and women alike and seen as the most convenient and appropriate way to dress. With the introduction of Western culture in Japan came Western clothing; first in the form of uniforms for the rich and officials, and gradually into other sections of the society. Since World War II Western clothing has been widely adapted, especially as a symbol of progression and dignity, although for a long time Kimono were still preferred at home. 

KUME became a pioneer in T-shirt production in Japan and helped raising recognition and appreciation of well-made T-shirts. Whereas they first focused on impeccable quality and comfort, they gradually expanded their expertise to design and environmental awareness. They co-operated with various artists and brands to create authentic, "real" Japanese prints, made on 100% Japanese cotton T-shirts. 

Kume Historical Sewing Machine
Kume Historical Photo

The company prides itself on making truly Japanese T-shirt: Made in Japan, with Japanese materials, hand-made by Japanese people. Their commitment to organic cotton, green energy and the combination of comfort and design give them a winning strategy and a magnificent addition to any wardrobe - in and outside of Japan. 

The complete process, from material selection, cutting, sewing, inspection, designing and printing, is all done domestically and under direct supervision of Mr. Kume and his team. 

The tube type sewing and fitting make them especially comfortable - one of their characteristic features. Furthermore, their prints are unique and especially designed for KUME, from Sake brewery logos to traditional pictures with an interesting story. 
KUME is working hard to remain authentic and superior in a time where T-shirts are mass-produced and many tasks are outsourced. 

Many customers say that their KUME T-shirts are the most comfortable and long-lasting shirts they have ever owned.


Organic Cotton Grown in Japan

KUME Company  only uses organic cotton grown in Japan. All T-shirts are labelled with the "Pure Japan Cotton" mark to certify textiles made of 100% cotton, or the "Cotton Blend" mark to textiles containing more than 50% cotton.


Producing Long-lasting Fabrics

After selecting high quality cotton and cotton thread, KUME controls the whole process from knitting and dyeing, to collar and shoulder sewing.

This ensures T-shirts of the highest quality that will last "forever".


Use of Green Energy

In 2009 KUME decided to move the production sites to green energy. Since then all KUME T-shirts are produced using a mix of solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

KUME is certified under the Japanese Green Power Certificate System.

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