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Japanese Textiles

Through its unique culture of Kimono, Japan developed a broad range of textiles. These are mainly made of cotton or silk and use various dyeing techniques.




The city of Arimatsu is famous for its Tie Dyeing technique of cotton. There are more than 100 tying. Indigo is the most commonly used color.



Chusen is a dyeing method used on cotton.  It is mainly used to dye textiles for tenugui towels and yukata.

Oshima TSUMUGI Silk


Tsumugi is unique silk textile dyed using mud. It has mainly been used to make Kimono of highest quality.



Kumihimo is a silk cord from Kyoto that initially was used to make small ropes for Kimono belts and mizuhiki decoration.

Featured Products

  • Necklace Made of Tsumugi Kimono Silk

    Starting at: $224.84

    “itu” is a necklace made of Amami Pongee, a traditional silk kimono textile originated on the island of Amami-Oshima near Kagoshima. The rich black color is made by Japanese mud dyeing technique which uses the natural sources found on the island such as plants and mud. Please note that each piece looks a little bit different depending on which part of the kimono fabric is used. This makes this necklace a valuable original piece of art. Amami Pongee has a history of over 1300 years. For a very long time, it was produced as offerings to royals. The intricate kasuri(resisted yarn dyeing) patterns on both warp and weft are carefully woven together. The whole process could take from a half year to a year to weave enough length for one kimono. “itu” means “yarn” in the local vernacular. Awarded the prefectural governor's award in the competition for new products from Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • Foldable Hand Fan Made of Arimatsu Tie Dyeing Fabric with Square Motifs

    Starting at: $23.47

    These fans are made with tie-dyed Japanese cloth, the pattern is very elegant with four small squares forming a bigger one, available in three colors these fans will look great with any outfit both on men or women. During Japanese hot summer, fans are really popular it is the simplest way to refresh oneself, also during festival women wearing kimonos or yukatas always have beautiful fans matching their outfit colors.
  • Foldable Hand Fan Made of Arimatsu Tie Dyeing Fabric with Flower Motifs

    Starting at: $23.47

    These fans are made of cloth with the tie-dyeing technique called Arimatsu Shibori, thanks to this technique the colors are vivid. The pattern being done by hand, there is small differences between each making of these fans a unique product. Traditionally, Japanese fans were made of Japanese paper or dye cloth, yet nowadays, many are done with synthetic material, on the contrary these fans are hand-made according to the tradition with beautiful Japanese products only.
  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Chidori Somewake

    Regular Price:


    This Tenugui is made with the Arimatsu Shibori technique, and represents two plovers on a dark indigo blue background. The plovers are often used in Japanese patterns with their beautiful and cute shape they are really beautiful birds. Also the wave like design of blue dye adds elegance to the whole product.

  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Aoi Somewake

    Regular Price:

    This Tenugui has a beautiful blue pattern on the center of the cloth looking like a river with heart-like shaped flowers floating on it. Apart from looking beautiful, this tenugui is also very useful in various ways, you can also use it to wrap presents to add a Japanese touch.
  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Yoroidan

    Regular Price:


    This Tenugui is an Arimatsu Shibori product, realized with tie-dyeing technique. The pattern is called Yoroidan, it has parallel lines which consists of small lines. It gives a strong impression and reveals the whole vibrance of the colors by contrast.

  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Shochibubai

    Regular Price:


    This Tenugui made of tie-dyed Japanese cloth is fully hand-made, the floral drawings are realized by knotting the cloth in a certain way, this technique implies great skills in order to achieve to such a result. The Tenugui are very popular in Japan as they can be used in many different ways without any specific rules.

  • Arimatsu Shibori Tenugui Mameshibori

    Regular Price:


    This Tenugui Mameshibori is a traditional product of Arimatsu Shibori made by Takeda Kahei. The Tenugui is a dyed piece of cloth that is very popular in Japan. It can be used in many ways there is no special rules for using it. The Tenugui are not only practical but over the years it also became also valuable for its artistic value.