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MIZUTORI geta sandals are fashionable, easy to wear and long-lasting footwear. The timeless designs suit both casual and fashionable wear.

Contemporary Japanese Geta Sandals

Established in Shizuoka in 1937, Mizutori is a small business of local artisans dedicated to making high quality Japanese footwear and improve people’s health, happiness and comfort through wearing and enjoying them. 

Masashi Mizutori, wanted to create beautiful geta that would fit in a modern lifestyle, while adhering to the traditionally high comfort levels of Japanese footwear. According to his observations, Geta were not very popular up until the Edo period (1603 –1868), but suddenly gained popularity after the meiji restoration (1868) and after the Second World War. He therefore suggests geta are strongly related to peace, and therefore wants to continue making geta for everyone to enjoy and for a long peaceful era to continue. 

His daughter, Yukiko, who took over his role as Managing Director in 2014, when his health deteriorated, adds that as people naturally crave a connection with nature, walking on Japanese geta made from hinoki trees, gives you a sense of healing and relaxation.   


Each item by Mizutori is handmade by a small team of 15 artisans. The process is labor intensive and requires high craftsmanship and know-how acquired by producing geta for generations of customers and incorporating their experiences and feedback. They have combined their traditional methods with international footwear technologies, as well as Western and Eastern food care theories in order to create the most balanced, well-designed and comfortable shoes.

The MIZUTORI Collections


MIZUTORI's classic flat unisex geta sandal. They are a great shoe for outside and inside.


Walk happily and beautifully with SENSE with 6,5 or 4.5 heel height.


Geta with comfortable wedge shape heels, designed with the intelligent woman in mind.


Man's geta, made from Shizuoka hinoki Japanese Cypress.


The DRILL DESIGN geta have a structure in which the sole bends, respecting the movement of the foot. 


Cypressi is fashioned with a special compressor and curved to treat your foot firmly yet gently.


Geta with Japanese Lacquer

Scientifically proven health benefits of wearing MIZUTORI geta sandals

Mizutori carried out a joint study with Shizuoka University to investigate the relationship between Mizutori geta and health. Geta-monogatari footwear was used in these experiments. The findings were as follows.

Improved blood circulation of the sole of the foot.

Walking with MIZUTORI geta sandals improves the blood circulation of the sole. A thirty minutes walk already has a significant impact your feet's blood circulation as shown on below graph.


Unhealthy, 'floating toe' problem reduced, improved 'centering' of the body.

Before and after a 30 minute walk. Subjects: Students in teens and 20s who do not usually wear geta.


More balanced, closer to ideal posture

The knee angle and slope of the shoulder was measured before and after a 10-minute walk. 

Subjects who do not usually wear geta felt relaxed, and found the Mizutori geta easy to wear and easy to walk in.

Stimulated the muscles of the lower trunk, as when exercising or training.

It is thought that Mizutori geta may be useful for muscle training.

Electrical discharge of the rectus femoris and calf muscles were measured during a 10-minute treadmill walk.

Mizutori geta reduce muscular stress, and allow smoother walking that appears easier.


The studies were carried out in 2003 and 2011, at Shizuoka University Faculty of Education, Continuing Education, Department of Sport, by Professor Yoshiaki Yokoyama and Professor Mieko Nakano.