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Contemporary Japanese Metal Craft

NOUSAKU has been working with many Japanese and foreign designers to develop a wide range of wind-bells. They stand out due to the contrast in their traditional production techniques  combined with refreshing and modern designs. Some wind-bells produce a very long-lasting and beautiful sound whereas others are more an eye-catching interior decoration.

NOUSAKU began manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings in 1916, and has more recently started to add tableware and interior products to their lineup. The company is run by the fourth generation of the Nousaku family and produces according to casting techniques typical for the Takaoka region, which is known for its tin and brass casting since 400 years.

One recent innovation of NOUSAKU is the development of tableware made of pure tin. It is sold under the name of flexible ware as it allows the user to flexibly bend the shape as required – again and again without breaking or weakening the material. Some flexible ware can be used as a tray or as a basket depending on how it is being bend. Sake cups made of pure tin are also said to reduce acidity, enhancing the flowery flavor of sake. Water drunk from NOUSAKU pure tin tumblers will also feel softer on the palate.

NOUSAKU products are displayed in the museum of modern art MOMA. 

The lamp's in the main entrance of Tokyo's famous ISETAN department store are made by NOUSAKU.

NOUSAKU Products by Category


NOUSAKU brass wind bells have a beautiful sound and come in various traditional or contemporary designs.


Enjoy the beauty of NOUSAKU tableware made of tin or brass. 


Flexibly create and amend  baskets made of 100% tin, that is bendable.


Decorate your home with beautiful objects with timeless designs made of brass.


Elegant Tableware for Food Professionals

NOUSAKU offers a tableware line-up exclusively designed for the hospitality business. The products stand out for their elegance and their flexible use.

NOUSAKU tableware is also used by many chefs of top restaurants and hotels.