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Japanese Handmade Glass Wind Chime with Blue Flower Paintings

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This Wind Chime, also called Furin in Japanese, represents beautiful blue flowers on a clear background. Very luminous the soft colors gives an impression of warmth, calm and simplicity. When lit by the sun, this wind chime looks great and the soft sound of the glass will also make you feel refreshed. 

Thanks to its specific fabrication process, the Edo Furin wind chimes produces a very nice sound. Since the drawing is made on the inside of the glass, it won't deteriorate even if hung outside.

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  • Product Number3000946
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    Dimensions8 x 7 cm (3.1" x 2.7")
    Weight100g (3.5 oz)
    Made InJapan
    All MaterialGlass, Paper
    Logo Shinohara Furin
  • When the Shinohara family started their business specializing in handmade wind chimes 65 years ago, they decided to name it Edo Furinto cultivate the traditions and appreciation of the chimes during the Edo period. 

    Hand-blown Edofurin Wind-bells
    Hand-painting of Edofurin Wind-chimes

    Each wind chime is hand blown and hand painted and a small piece of art by itself.  The bottom of each chime has uneven borders, so that the chimes creates different sounds depending on where the bell hits the glass. 

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