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Japan's Best Wind Bell - GOTENFURIN

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The Sound of Buddha

Sahari, an alloy of tin and copper is often used to make singing bowls often found in the Buddhist altar of Japanese homes. Very ancient examples of ware made from Sahari can be seen in the Shosoin, a storehouse of ancient artifacts, although it gained popularity in the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1567-1605) for manufacture of items used in tea ceremony. 

Unusually, Kashiwagi Imono also uses a variant of Sahari to hand cast the Goten Furin (Goten wind bell). Containing more than 20% pure tin, this wind bell has a resonant, long lasting sound that can even help to relax a tired mind. 

The wind catcher is of the Hakone wood mosaic and its weight and length help give further depth to the sound. 

The Goten Furin is suitable for use inside or outside the home, however, care should be taken to avoid dropping it, as any fractures in the metal will deplete the sound. Occasional cleaning with a dry cloth is recommended to retain the luster of the metal. 

Create an ambient atmosphere in your own home with the sound of Goten Furin.

Japan's Best Wind Bell

For his movie "Red Beard", famous Japanese movie director Akira Kurosawa was on a quest to find the most beautiful-sounding Furin in Japan. He got enchanted by the Odawara casting wind chimes from Kashiwagi, which did not only make it to the movie, but are also used at the Japan National Diet and the Imperial Garden.   

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    BrandKashiwagi Casting Atelier
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    All MaterialSahari, Natural wood
    Kashiwagi Teru
  • Kashiwagi Teru

    Kashiwagi Bells are 

    The Kashiwagi Art Foundry has always focused on objects that make sound - and is therefore one of the best Japanese makers of bells, singing bowls and wind chimes.  Kashiwagi's products can be found in many prestigious places, such has the hand-bell of for the chairman of the National Diet and the gong in the Shinjuku Imperial Palace.

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