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Salt Pickled Dried Sakura Cherry Blossoms, 30g

Salt Pickled Dried Sakura Cherry Blossoms, 30g

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Enjoy the flavor of cherry blossoms all year. Edible cherry blossoms are pickled and dried in salt and are used in Japan for tea during celebrations such as weddings. You can also make delicious cherry blossom rice or cherry blossom cookies.

Our sakura cherry blossoms have a strong pink color and consist of whole flowers only. Before packaging we are checking every single flower and removing debris as well as broken cherry blossoms. As a result you are able to use each of the about 35 flowers inside the 30g cherry blossom pack.

Chinriu Honten



Chinriu Honten was established in 1871 in Odawara by Monya Komine who until then was the last chief cook of Odawara castle. He started a high class restaurant that also offered umeboshi pickles, which became popular gifts.The second generation of Komine decided to abandon the restaurant and to focus on umeboshi and pickles.


These days Chinriu Honten is run by fifth generation of the Komine family. Chinriu Honten produces and retails products made of Japanese fruits and herbs such as ume plum, yuzu lime or shiso herb. Only the best ingredients are selected from contract farmers to produce according to traditional recipes. 

Chinriu Honten Umeboshi & Japanese Pickles




Japanese are crazy about any kind of food with cherry blossoms (called sakura) during the season in April. Since centuries cherry blossoms are pickled to preserve them for occasions outside the season. Fresh cherry blossoms are soaked in Ume plum vinegar to preserve the pink color and then pickled in salt. This method has been developed many generations ago to make the unique flavor of cherry blossoms throughout the whole year.

Pickled cherry blossoms are originally used to make sakura tea, which is used on special occasions such as weddings. When cooked together with rice it not only creates a beautiful colorful contrast but the rice also absorbs the flowery aromas of the cherry blossoms. But nowadays pickled sakura also made their entry into the world of desert. There is a growing number of Japanese and Western recipes with sakura. We are collecting an ever growing list of great sakura recipes on our blog.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Number 1001147
Time Until Shipping 1 day
Brand Chinriu Honten
Contents 30g (1.06oz), approx. 35 pieces
Shelf Life 12 months
Allergens No food allergens
Storage Keep in the refrigerator after opening
Made In Japan
Prefecture Kanagawa
Alcohol % No
Ingredients umeboshi vinegar, cherry blossoms, salt