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Japanese Ceramics & Earthenware

Japan owes many of its traditional crafts to its rich nature and natural resources.

Ceramics became an important craft during the Heian period (794-1185) used to create tributes for Daimyo feudal lords. Over time Ceramics- and Earthenware craftsmen became so highly valued that they received housing, special protection from high-ranked war lords and a special status with a high level of respect. 

Nowadays, authentic crafting methods remain through traditional businesses that apply skills passed on for generations. By designing new products and patterns that fit a contemporary lifestyle, these crafts do not only survive, but are shared with the world!  

Ceramics and Earthenware date back all the way to the Heian period (784 - 1185) .

Nowadays, there is only a handful craftsmen left that fully master the art of designing and handcrafting these beautiful items.



Dating back to the year 905  A.D., Mino ware combines the benefits of porcelain with the beautiful glass-like shine of Japanese lacquer. Modern designs made with traditional methods are now even used in luxury Parisian cafes! 



Characterized by its authentic rusty colors, Banko ware pots look as simple as their design is complex.  The less than 22 mastering craftsmen left, craft every item by hand ensuring perfection that you will enjoy for years to come.    

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