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Japanese Teas

It is the art of Japanese tea ceremony that initially promoted Japanese tea culture around the world. As tea has been important since ancient times Japanese use the entire tea leaf to produce different kind of teas with various qualities and aromas.

Every year the first harvest of young leaves is sold as “shincha”, which is known for its light and fresh aroma. There also are teas made of buds or twigs only too. Matcha powder is used for the tea ceremony but it nowadays also is used to add flavor and color to confectionaries.

Japanese green tea is not only known for it's high quality and fine aroma, but it also has a reputation of being very good for health. 

Ejima company was founded in 1661. Located at the Tokaido road, which was the passage for all the traffic between the old capital in the West (Kyoto) and the new capital in the East (Edo / Tokyo). This strategic location close to the Tokaido road and next to Odawara castle guaranteed a constant flow of customers for hundreds of years.

The company now is run by the 17th generation of the Ejima family. Ejima works with selected tea farmers from Shizuoka, one of the main production areas of Japanese tea. In many cases the relations with the tea farmers date back since many generations. This allows Ejima to offer a wide range of green teas of excellent quality.

Ken EJima

"I am proud to contribute preserving Japanese tea culture and our family tradition."


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14 Item(s)