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Japanese Papier Mache Dolls

Saturday, April 9, 2016 8:54 AM

Papier Mache Dolls from Japan

Having a long history of making great papers it is no wonder that many Japanese customers make use of objects made of paper. Here is a selection of a few Japanese paper crafts which survived and still are part of modern days.


Inu Hariko / 犬はりこ

Inu Hariko are papier-mâché dogs dating back to the late Edo period, when they were given to children as toys.But they also have been given to pregnant women as good-luck charms because it was believed that dogs give birth easily without complications.



Daruma Doll  

Daruma Dolls / だるま

Daruma is a doll of papier-mâché sold with white eyes. When a goal is set the left eye is filled and the right eye will be filled after achievement of the goal. It is a great ceremony for teams who want to achieve a common goal where every member of a team can sign on back of the Daruma to express commitment to achieve the goal.



Akabeko Papier Mache Doll from Japan  

Akabeko / 赤べこ

Akabeko (red cow) is a traditional toy from the Aizu region of Japan. The toy is made from two pieces of papier-mâché-covered wood, shaped and painted to look like a red cow or ox. When the toy is moved, the head thus bobs up and down and side to side.



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