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100 Gifts from Japan (1 - 10)

Saturday, March 19, 2016 9:00 PM

Japanese Gift Ideas

This is a collection of 100 original gifts from Japan that represent the rich cultural heritage of this wonderful country but usually also please foreigners.

Gifts from Japan - INDENYA


1 INDEN Lacquered Deerskin Leather

INDEN is a Japanese craft made of lacquered deerskin. The techniques and the patterns were originally used for the production of samurai armor but nowadays they are found on purses, bags, business card holders and many more. 

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Edo Kiriko Cutglass  

2 Edo Kiriko Cutglass

Edo Kiriko is a Japanese colored glass craft known for its unique engraved patterns. It originates from Edo, the old name of Tokyo and dates back to 1834 when an artisan invested this new technique. Learn more...

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Japanese Yukata   

3 Yukata

Yukata is a light Japanese garment made of cotton which is very popular in summer – especially on firework festivals.  Yuakata are available in many colors with a multitude of designs for men and women. Non Japanese love to wear them at home.


Ichimatsu Dolls  

4 Ichimatsu Dolls

Ichimatsu dolls are traditional Japanese dolls that represent little boys and girls dressed in Kimono. Ichimatsu dolls are popular presents since the represent traditional culture and clothing of Japan. Read more...


Warosku Candles  

5 Warosoku Candles

Candles are known in Japan since around 1650. The wax is from the hazenoki tree and the wick is made of traditional Japanese paper. They burn at lower temperature than western candles and provide a warm and peaceful light. Learn more...

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Maneki Neko  

6 Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko means “beckoning cat” and it is found in almost every shop in Japan because it is said to call customers into the shop. Maneki Neko is the perfect lucky charm for everyone who owns a business or works in sales.



7 Daruma

Daruma is a doll of papier-mâché sold with white eyes. When a goal is set the left eye is filled and the right eye will be filled after achievement of the goal. It is a great ceremony for teams who want to achieve a common goal.


Japanese Geta Sandals  

8 Modern Geta Sandals

Geta are wooden clogs that traditionally are used with Kimono. Whereas traditional Geta hardly fit modern lifestyle, Japanese companies developed modern sandals that are comfortable to wear and embrace the spirit of traditional geta. Learn more...

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Japanese Tea Container   

9 Tea Containers

Tea containers are foundi in almost Japanese household. They can be made of wood, Japanese lacquer, metal or simple plastic. They are designed to preserve the tea leaves from losing their flavor. Protected from the light and the air, the tea remains fresh and tasty. It is also a very useful container allowing to stock tea in a beautiful way. Indeed, the tea containers have different shape and colors but are most often either made in natural wood or painted with nice patterns.

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Tenugui Hand Towels   

10 Tenugui Hand-towels

Tenugui are  thin Japanese cotton towels that can be used to wrap a gift, as a headband, to dry things or just for decoration in a frame. Choosing amongst the thousands of different patterns is part of the fun of selecting tenugui.

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